Article published on 17 February 2022

The Proludic 2022 catalogue can be viewed on our website, and copies are also available on request.
Leaf through its 300 pages and take advantage of Proludic’s advice and expertise in playgrounds and sports areas, and check out more than 500 products covering our Playgrounds, Sport & Fitness and Outdoor Furniture ranges.

Important new products for the Sport & Fitness collection

Proludic is expanding its Sport & Fitness range in response to the company’s philosophy of promoting sport for everyone. For the youngest children (from six years old), we have created the “Ninja Trail” to promote physical activity while having fun! For older children (from teenagers to adults), new additions have been introduced to the Street Workout and Multi-Use Games Areas ranges.

  • The Ninja Trail collection was created for children and teenagers. Ninja trails are fun obstacle courses that draw their inspiration from the Ninja Warrior game shows. Players take each other on as they try to complete an obstacle course.
  • Street Workout structures have been specifically engineered to address the challenges facing today’s society by catering for a mixed-gender, multi-generational and inclusive target group. Products have been designed and developed in partnership with the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF). For example, the grip, bar diameter and steps have been developed to ensure easy and safe use.
  • New play activities have been added to the Multi-Use Games Areas line-up to bring an even greater element of fun to the traditional selection of equipment. The aim is promote and drive home the concept of recreational sports, where participants can reap the benefits of physical activity while having fun in a relaxed environment.

New exclusive creations for the Playgrounds category

  • The range of swings has been enriched with several new products, including different types of seats, such as the duo seat so that parents can play along with their children, and the basket swing which can accommodate up to five children. In addition, we have created a simple and intuitive table for designing your very own bespoke swing.
  • The Spiral Slide has been added to the slides range. This slide is available in two colours and can be adapted to the Kanopé and Diabolo collections. Some products already feature the spiral slide, including the Spiral Ka’Yop (J56005) and the Mini-Tree Tower (J2683).
  • New products have been added to the Cableways range for natural slopes and flat terrain.
  • The Turtle (J870), Leo and the Tawny Owl (J4031), the Braille panel (J3427) and the Pixel panel (J3426) have also been added to our collection of play equipment.

More products, plenty of videos and lots of photos… browse the pages of the 2022 catalogue and discover or take another look at the Proludic product range.

Our new brochure will give you some great ideas for your future projects!


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