An outdoor sports area allows everyone to develop or maintain their physical and sports abilities.

They are dynamic, sociable areas created using equipment tailored to the requirements and abilities of each individual, from juniors to senior citizens : multi-use games areas, fitness stations, trim trails and street workout modules.

Getting involved in sport is the ideal way to combat the sedentary lifestyle of today’s increasingly digitally connected world and the corresponding surge in obesity.

In a bid to encourage everyone to engage in a sports activity, Proludic designs and manufactures sports walls and multi-use games areas capable of accommodating several activities in one location, including football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, etc.

Fitness modules and sport trail equipment offer activities to maintain or improve your physical shape.

Dynamic structures designed around extreme sports are designed for teens seeking thrills.

These structures are available in various difficulty levels and feature a modular design, meaning that several different layouts can be created across the sports area.

Whether a football goal, a basketball hoop or a table tennis table, nothing compares when it comes to creating an additional focal point and attraction in a sports area.