ACTI’FUN is the playful way to move and feel good!

What better way than play is there to encourage the practice of physical and sports activities from a very early age and give everyone the desire to adopt good lifestyle habits in the long term?

With its ACTI’Ninja, ACTI’Street and ACTI’Fit ranges of outdoor fun-sport equipment, ACTI’FUN is Proludic’s way of making movement an integral part of the everyday routines of the greatest possible number of people (from 6-year-old children through to senior citizens) and making sport an enjoyable experience.

The products meet the needs of all different users within a play-based context, as is proved by two indicators: The sports formula and the motivations to enjoy fun-sport, which can be found ineach of the technical sheets.


Fun-sport obstacle trails for children aged 6 to 14


Complete sports and group activities


Fitness equipment for a playful, sporting outdoor experience