ACTI’FUN is the playful way to move and feel good!

What better way than play is there to encourage partaking in physical and sports activities from a very early age and give everyone the chance to adopt good lifestyle habits long term?

ACTI’FUN, encompassing the Acti’Fit, ACTI’Street, ACTI’Ninja, Multisports, Dynamic Structures, Trampolines and Wood Sports Trails ranges of outdoor fun-sport equipment, is Proludic’s solution to make exercise an integral part of everyday routines for as many people as possible (from 6 years of age through to senior citizens) and make sport an enjoyable experience.

These new products meet the needs of a variety of different users within a play-based context, as is underpinned by two principles: The sports formula combined with the motivations to enjoy sport in a fun way. These two indicators can be found outlined in each of the product’s technical sheets.


Fitness equipment for a fun sports experience outdoors


Street Workout configurations


Fun-sport obstacle trails for everyone

Multi-Use Games Areas

Structures for ball sports

Dynamic Structures

Equipment inspired by extreme sports

ACTI’FUN Trampolines

Structures for jumps and moves

Wood trim trails

A circuit tailored to the age and physical abilities of each user