The success of a play space is dependent project planning.

Environment, requirements in terms of targets for activities and integration in the landscape, work to be carried out, and also standards and safety, are all factors that must be taken into account when installing play or sports areas.



1. Define the project

  • Think about the overall design
  • Define the objectives
  • Determine the use: play, sport, multi-generational


2. Integrate the environment

  • Choose the location
  • Consider accessibility for all: parking, transport, disabled access
  • Qualify the environment: rural, town, city, etc.
  • Analyse the population: age, footfall
  • Integrate into the landscape

Who is it for?

3. Include expectations

  • Define your target age groups
  • Consider additional amenities: water points, benches, bins, etc.
  • Maximise the attractiveness of the site


4. Manage the works

  • Be supported by specialists
  • Execute in accordance with professional standards


5. In complete safety

  • Comply with the applicable standards: EN 1176, EN 1177, EN 16630
  • Protect the site: soft mobility, fencing, prohibit toxic plants
  • Provide a maintenance manual

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