Acrobats, tightrope walkers and climbers have finally found their favourite playground.

They are simply spoilt for choice, whether hanging from nets, scaling up climbing walls and ladders, or keeping their balance along beams and gangways. Children can enjoy a complete experience requiring concentration, coordination and precise movements.
Balancing and climbing equipment includes mini-trails, trampolines, rope structures, climbing equipment, the Vertical World and the Suspended World. These types of equipment naturally promote interaction and socialisation, because each crossing or jump can quickly turn into a challenge between friends, with all children having fun in testing their dexterity against everyone else.
The structures feature a highly modern design and are engineered from rugged materials capable of withstanding intensive use.

Balancing trails

Learning to control the body in space


Children love to bounce on trampolines

Climbing equipment

Love to climb and play at height?

Rope structures

An original and acrobatic aerial trail