Focus on the ACTI’FUN By Proludic app!

Article published on 20 April 2023

The ACTI’FUN by Proludic app can be used to connect your ACTI’Ninja, ACTI’Street and ACTI’Fit facilities to offer your users a unique experience. The ACTI’FUN By Proludic app is compatible with all its ACTI’FUN equipment. ACTI’FUN by Proludic is a free app for users of Proludic play and sports equipment (ACTI’Ninja, ACTI’Street and ACTI’Fit). The...

Sporting and community challenges – 2022 target reached!

Article published on 10 February 2023

In 2022, Proludic went even further in expressing its committed stance with the launch of the “Sporting and Community Challenges”. Proludic teams took part in a complete programme of 11 sporting events taking place throughout the year. Each individual’s participation was recorded in the form of ‘suns’ that were added up in a meter to...

Happy New Year celebrations !

Article published on 23 December 2022

A few days before Christmas, the entire Proludic team wishes you a happy holiday season. The company will close its doors this Friday, December 23 at 6 p.m. and will reopen on Monday, January 2 at 8:30 a.m.Take full advantage of the happiness of being together!

Route du Rhum 2022: Charlie Capelle has arrived on dry land!

Article published on 7 December 2022

Proludic is a partner of Acapella – La Chaine de l’Espoir, the trimaran skippered by Charlie Capelle, who has just completed the Route du Rhum 2022. The Route du Rhum is a solo transatlantic race that takes place every four years following a route from Saint-Malo (France) to the island of Guadeloupe. Around 130 boats...

Two unique creations for Zoodyssée park

Article published on 28 October 2022

Zoodyssée is a wildlife park that is home over 800 European animals from 90 different species. The park is divided into themed areas called “Odysseys”, each of which has its own specially designed environment and learning aids. The installation of a play area reflecting the theme of each of these Odysseys adds an additional fun...

New sports range: ACTI’FUN, fun-based fitness for everyone

Article published on 23 September 2022

ACTI’FUN, the fun way to exercise and feel good! Proludic is now going even further in its quest to combine sport and enjoyment using play as a connecting element. With the ACTI’FUN concept, it is presenting a fun-based approach to sports based on a key element in the company’s history and activities: play. Fun-based sport is an ideal...

Thanks to you, Proludic is planting 600 trees !

Article published on 2 March 2022

Commitment is one of Proludic’s values. And it takes on a very real meaning when we lend our support to environmental causes. By planting a KA’YOP in their play area, our customers are making an active contribution to solidarity and sustainable reforestation. As exemplified by the towns of Juvisy, Courbevoie, Créteil, Vienne, Thiais and Rachecourt-sur-Marne, which have...

The new 2022 catalogue is available!

Article published on 17 February 2022

The Proludic 2022 catalogue can be viewed on our website, and copies are also available on request.Leaf through its 300 pages and take advantage of Proludic’s advice and expertise in playgrounds and sports areas, and check out more than 500 products covering our Playgrounds, Sport & Fitness and Outdoor Furniture ranges. Important new products for...

Happy new year 2022

Article published on 17 January 2022

Best wishes 2022 ! The Proludic team wishes you a happy new year 2022, full of success, health and well-being. Thank you for your loyalty.

Ka’Yop trees will enchant the playgrounds they inhabit!

Article published on 25 March 2021

Since its introduction, the Kanopé range has constantly evolved to offer new fun functions, always being more innovative with each reincarnation. Ka’Yop, full of secrets inside and around the tree Ka’Yop is an enchanted tree that contributes to the happiness of children and adolescents through a multitude of fun and dynamic activities. There are four different varieties of...

Introducing Proludic’s 2021 playful new product innovations

Article published on 11 March 2021

Proludic is excited to share with you our NEW 2021 products which showcase how you can make your play provision stand out from the crowd. This year we have deliberately focused on inclusive play equipment as we are strong advocates of play area design which encourages children of all abilities to play together. We are...