Article published on 23 September 2022

ACTI’FUN, the fun way to exercise and feel good!

Proludic is now going even further in its quest to combine sport and enjoyment using play as a connecting element. With the ACTI’FUN concept, it is presenting a fun-based approach to sports based on a key element in the company’s history and activities: play.

Fun-based sport is an ideal solution to incorporate movement in everyday routines from a very early age and encourage everyone to adopt good long-term lifestyle habits.

As part of this approach, Proludic has worked closely with leading experts from the sports and well-being sector to design mixed-gender and inclusive ranges of outdoor play equipment for all ages and all needs: to learn and develop, exercise, push limits, keep fit, enjoy nature or simply relax as a family.

Acti’FUN, three fun sports ranges for intergenerational, mixed-gender and inclusive fitness

The ACTI’FUN app

The ACTI’FUN app is now available on Google Play and in the App Store.

Users can scan a QR code on all ACTI’FUN sports play equipment to open the app and view exercise videos for all apparatus in the range.


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