Plywood is perfectly suited to climatic variations and outdoor use!

Mechanical advantages

Plywood is made from thin sheets of wood that are bonded together, crossing the layers in order to counteract the movement of the wood and produce a stiff and resistant product.

We chose to use birch for our 21-mm plywood sheets due to the quality and strength it provides.

With its exceptional mechanical resistance, plywood ensures great strength against shocks and intensive use.

Physical advantages

It is stable against moisture and is therefore ideal for use in variable climates and outdoor installations.

Plywood is easy to work with and allows rounded shapes to be created, thus avoiding any risk of injury.

Aesthetic advantages

The application of two-component polyurethane lacquer, which is electrostatically sprayed and is free of heavy metals, provides a high level of protection against chemical agents, such as anti-graffiti cleaning products, for example.

The use of polyurethane lacquer also gives it exceptional resistance to UV light.

. Our plywood is made exclusively from wood from eco-managed forests.
. Plywood is a recyclable material. Proludic channels all our waste to recycling channels.
. Our paints are water-based, free of heavy metals and therefore with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.
. Our painting process is ISO 14001 certified (environmental standards) demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment.

Plywood is used for the following ranges of equipment