Article published on 20 July 2016

Robin Hood takes on Sherwood castle at the Posthoorn campsite in Holland.

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The 22nd of April was the official opening of a new play area in the Posthoorn campsite.



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Several classes from the local primary school were invited along to try out this new play area, designed by Proludic and themed around the Nottingham hero Robin Hood.
When it opened, all the children charged forward like the famous outlaw and his band of Merry Men!

The medieval castle has a multitude of activities to keep them entertained. Climbing nets and walls, tunnels, standard and tubular slides, rope walkways, sliding masts… creating a journey paved with adventures.
You can even play hide and seek in the many hiding spots – you can disappear and reappear at various points, giving your friends and family a fright!

Photo 3

Play panels have been personalised using the bespoke Grafic Games technique, producing a realistic medieval scene and encouraging children to step into Robin Hood’s shoes and have fun role playing.


Summer holidays are off to a good start! 


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