Post-Covid19 Recommendations


Proludic is here to assist you in the reopening of your play grounds!

During the lock-down period, your playgrounds have been closed, children have been denied the possibility to play there, and now expectations to get back are running high. However, you are confronted with health safety issues, which need to be addressed to enable children to have fun again in a safe and secure environment.

Here are some recommendations for the safe reopening of your playgrounds, to see childrens’ happy faces back playing there at last.

Please note:  Proludic’s recommendations are provided to assist you, in complement to the official sanitary recommendations provided by your country’s National, Regional and Local authorities.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Following a long shut-down period, it is essential that the entire play area is checked and cleaned before reopening. Your play and sports equipment will require full cleaning and maintenance.

How should you go about this? You can begin by inspecting all the play equipment, to make sure that it is in the usual working order. If this is not the case, you should carry out the required maintenance and, if necessary, block access to the equipment in the meantime.

You should then proceed with the cleaning of the different play and sports structures.

For more detailed information on the upkeep and maintenance of your Proludic products, you can consult our on-line Maintenance Guide.

Should you need any assistance, you can reach your usual Proludic contact person who will happy to put you in touch with a maintenance technician.

Do you need to disinfect your equipment?

Proludic equipment is composed of material which is resistant to chemical and domestic virucidal disinfectant products.

Coloured panels: High Pressure Laminate (HPL) material
The HPL panels have a hard, non-porous surface providing excellent resistance to chemical products (in compliance with EN 438 standards).

Stainless Steel Tubes

These are naturally resistant to chemicals, due to the thin outer layer of chrome oxide coating.

Plastic Components

Use only diluted disinfectant products (favour products with a pH below 11). Do not use detergents or products combining disinfectant with detergent.

By following these recommendations, you can safely apply your disinfectant products without damaging the Proludic play equipment in your playgrounds.

Which play equipment areas should you concentrate the disinfecting?

Favour the application of disinfectant products on hand-rails, climbing panels and generally on all the play elements situated at grip height.

Please note : we advise you to contact your supplier of disinfectant products to be fully aware of the conditions of application and make sure to follow their application instructions carefully.

Information for the users

Play is indispensable for a child’s physical, intellectual and social well-being. A return to playgrounds will enable children to rediscover the joy of having fun there once again, a feeling that encourages them to do physical exercise, take up challenges, share moments and experience a whole palette of emotions.

To allow a return to playgrounds in the safest possible conditions, we recommend that you remind parents or accompanying adults that:

  • The use of play equipment falls under their responsibility,
  • The respect of the health recommendations is absolutely necessary.

7 Good Practices that can be adopted for your playgrounds

To maximise the safety of your playgrounds during use, special steps must be taken by the public.

1/ Apply the health recommendations
Follow your country’s health recommendations, to protect yourselves and others.

2/Taking Turns
In case of intensive use, accompanying adults should make sure that the play equipment is freed up after 10 minutes, to allow other children to play on it. Ideally, children should be encouraged to play on the equipment that is free and to be patient and wait their turn.

3/ Traffic Flow
To avoid physical contact and ensure social distancing, clock-wise traffic flow should be laid out.

4/ Social Distancing
As recommended, all those present in a play or sports area, whether they are adults or children, must adhere to the social distancing measures applicable in your country.

5/ Hygiene Practices
Children’s hands should be disinfected before and after each turn on play equipment.

6/ Public Facilities
Remind the visitors to your play areas to be prepared in case toilet facilities and water fountains are temporarily unavailable to the public.

7/ Collective Sports / Personal Belongings
To avoid physical contact, ball games and other games involving contact must be discouraged.
Lending or borrowing toys or any other personal belongings must be forbidden.


Download our information poster which can be placed at the entrance to your playgrounds

Download and print out our « 7 Steps to having fun safely » poster, which can be placed directly in your playgrounds !

This enables you to provide concrete and practical advice so that children can have fun in your playgrounds without a care in the world.

Before printing, remember to customise your poster for each of your play areas: a space for the recommended maximum n° of children needs to be completed.

To help you do this, you can consult the document which we have developed for Proludic equipment, specifically adapted to the current Covid-19 health situation, which calculate the maximum number of children recommended for your playground.

This calculation has been done taking into account the 1 metre social distancing recommendation applicable in France.

All you have to do is Download the document, identify the equipment which is installed in your playground, add together the maximum number of children recommended for each piece of play equipment, and this will give you the maximum number of children for your playground.


Do you need any advice?

If so, we are here to help, so feel free to get in touch with your usual contact person.

If you are not sure who to contact? You can call 00 33 6 88 19 94 12 or send us an email to