A 100% virtuous production and value chain

Proludic is conscious of its responsibility to contributing to the quality of life of all children and is committed to using a sustainable approach to protect the natural resources that will ensure that children grow up in a world that has been preserved for them.

Proludic’s environmental policy is one of the company’s core values and it was awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2006, followed by PEFC certification in 2015.

This commitment is shared by everyone within the company. In addition to the use of an environmental management system, each employee contributes to the cause through many participative actions that allow us to improve our performance and environmental efficiency day after day.

100% recyclable materials

Proludic uses 100% recyclable materials, whether it’s metal, wood, composite materials or plastic. All of our products can be reused when they reach the end of their life cycle, whether in the steel industry, the plastics industry or converted to energy. This means that Proludic play area and sports facilities operators can easily gear the management of these materials towards their regular processing channels.

An ongoing commitment to sustainable forestry

In 2015, Proludic joined the 3,000 French companies that have decided to make a real commitment to sustainable forest management. All of our wooden play equipment is designed to PEFC standards, which guarantees the production and sustainability of our forests. Proludic clients can rest assured that our wooden or wood-based products are sold and recycled following sustainable and traceable forest management practices.

Since 2015, Proludic has been audited by an independent PEFC-approved certification body to demonstrate its mastery of the continuity of the chain of custody. Today, Proludic can indicate the exact percentage of certified wood used in each of our products.


From our production sites to play and sports areas, Proludic is committed to waste reduction and recycling. We use machining techniques that aim to minimise the use of raw materials and the production of waste. All the materials used in making our equipment, such as solvents, metals, as well as paper for printing and plastic film, are compatible with all the processes used to reclaim, transform and recycle the materials extracted from the waste.

Waste recovery is achieved by using the caloric value generated by burning the waste and recovering this energy in the form of heat or electricity with hazardous waste (paints, solvents, soiled materials) and wood.

Finally, Proludic is committed to leaving the construction site clean after our work is done, by taking waste directly to the waste collection centre or back to our head office, where it is sorted and recycled using our usual methods.