About us

As an expert in the development of play and sports areas for the past 25 years, Proludic is recognised by local authorities, community groups, town councils, housing developers, holiday parks and many other sectors!

We project manage the entire process including: design and manufacturing of the play and sports equipment, sales knowledge, installation and maintenance as and when required. Our know-how in each of these fields enables us to have a global vision with an expert eye on every play area we work on.

Our playgrounds represent places where children grow and develop.

We strive to contribute to their well-being because we know that playing is essential for their physical, social and intellectual development. Our equipment offers a strong play value and are original, themed and safe.

We love working with children, but we also have the wellbeing of every generation in our hearts with our sports and fitness solutions that can be used by everyone.

Proludic is present in more than 40 countries, with exclusive distributors and 5 subsidiaries, and has already installed more than 80,000 play areas around the world.


Check New Zealand’s local Council Park, School or Childcare Center and you are probably going to find a Playco Playground!

Built to last and offer safe and exciting play to children of all ages. Fully compliant to the NZS 5828:2004 safety standards… Playco installs equipment that challenges and stimulates, while encouraging confidence, agility and stamina.

As the longest standing manufacturer with 30 years’ experience, we prove our product lasts the test of time and youth!


However, if you require any further information such as product brochures or pricing, please use the contact form below to send us your query.

PLAYCO Equipment Ltd
PO BOX 548 21 Wookey Lane